About Us

Vera Makina Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. has acted for 30 years with consciousness that; each of satisfied customers have very serious contribution to the potential of existing businesses in home sewing machine industry and so has been obtained “always sought and recommended company” identity in Turkish Sewing & Embroidery Machines Market with the "Customer Satisfaction is our Policy" understanding gained confidence. />

At the beginning of 2008, as a result of his steadily "Customer Satisfaction” policy, has been awarded from Brother brand, which is holding the title of world market leadership in Industrial and Home Sewing & Embroidery Machines Market for years, to the Region Distributorship for the region covers an important area of Turkey, and started to open dealerships in 35 provinces of our country. Vera Makina started to work with more than 150 dealers in a short time and planning to increase to 250 dealers in his region.

Vera Makina’s effort, who has come up with his 30 years Vision at this point, is to create a marketing network, which allows people to be easily reached of Brother brand products, who had offered to Turkish consumers with unmatched quality and superior features. Thus, our objective is, that the  Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machines which are produced with the highest level of world technology, can be found easily in every region of our country, to ensure their educational and service needs quickly and economically,  in this wise achieve the maximum benefit from the product received and as a result of was satisfied with the product purchased, constantly growing customer base nationwide.

Therefore, undertaken with his Vision and Mission, be informed our people from our products and from the status of Brother Homesewing Machines technology has reached and finally will take an active role in directing people to produce instead of consuming, in the economy of the country.


The 30 years Professional Career of Mr. Ali GÜNEY, who is the founder of Vera Makina Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.:

2008 - …… Brother Regional Distributorship

East Marmara              : İstanbul (Asian Site), Kocaeli, Sakarya, Yalova, Bursa, Bilecik, Bolu, Düzce, Zonguldak, Bartın

Middle Anatolia            : Eskişehir, Ankara, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir, Yozgat, Nevşehir, Aksaray, Niğde, Kayseri

Black Sea                     : Karabük, Kastamonu, Çankırı, Sinop, Çorum, Samsun, Amasya, Ordu, Tokat, Sivas, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Ardahan

1998 - 2008 Singer Sewing Machines Kartal authorized dealers and service

1997 - 1998 Singer Sewing Machines Education Coordinator of  South Africa Sewing Machines

1994 - 1997 Singer Sewing Machines Marketing Sewing Machines Sales Director

1992 - 1994 Singer Sewing Machines Marketing Sewing, Knitting, Overlock Art. Product Training Director

1990 - 1992 Singer Sewing Machine Factory Sewing Machine Cabinet Wood Works Department Chief

1989 - 1990 Singer Factory Sewing Machines Manufacturing Manager Assistant

1985 - 1989 Singer Factory Sewing Machines Mounting Dep. Formen

1983 - 1985 Singer Factory Sewing Machines Mounting Dep. Foreman

1982 - 1983 Singer Factory Sewing Machines Mounting Dep. Tecnician